• Aug 30

    DrupalCon London Wrapup

    73 Sessions and 87 BoFs later it's all over and we can emerge from the DrupalCon bubble.
    DrupalCon London has been an amazing success with a final attendance of 1751.

    We're delighted to announce that as well as being the biggest European DrupalCon in terms
    of attendees, DrupalCon London was also a profitable event - investing over
    £38,000 back into the Drupal Community.

    Thank you to all of the volunteers, organisers and sponsors for making this happen -
    in particular to Neil Kent, Megan Sanicki and Isabell Schulz for their tireless work behind
    the scenes.

  • Aug 17

    Ticket Sales Are Open Again

    If you haven't gotten a ticket to DrupalCon London next week, now is your chance. Because we were able to annex another venue, we have 55 tickets left. We've already gone through our wait list, and can now release them to the general public. Because it is so close to the date, these tickets are only for the conference: t-shirts and party tickets are not available.

    Come join the largest European DrupalCon ever. It's one of the best chances you'll have all year to learn from and network with your colleagues.

  • Aug 15

    One Week to Go - Planning your Trip

    This time next week, we'll all be in London! Here's a helpful checklist for you if you've not got yourself organised yet:

    Travel and Accommodation

  • Aug 12

    Confirmed Training at DrupalCon

    The final DrupalCon training schedule has now been confirmed for Monday August 22nd.
    All courses run from 9AM - 5PM.

    The final confirmed course list is as follows:

    • Advanced Configuration with Views, Page Manager, Flag and Rules
    • Drupal Powered E-commerce
    • Making the Switch to Drupal: The Developer's View
    • Building Modules for Drupal 7
    • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal
    • Aegir Hosting System: Deep Dive
    • Drupal Performance and Scalability
    • jQuery for Drupal
  • Aug 11

    Drupalcon London Needs You!

    This is an urgent and important final call for people to help out as part of the volunteer team at the now SOLD OUT DrupalCon London. While we've had a great response so far, we still really need your help!

    If you're happy to help out with any of the following roles/sessions, please fill in the volunteer form.

    Sessions last between 1.5 and 3 hours. Please specify how much time you have available to help with the following:

  • Aug 10

    Inviting Wait-listers to Register. You're Almost In!

    EDIT: We've closed the wait list. We'll be opening any remaining tickets to the general public as soon as the current wait-listers have used their coupon codes.

    When it looked like we were going to sell out the largest European DrupalCon ever, our dedicated team immediately started brainstorming ways to get those from the wait list to DrupalCon. We found a way.

  • Aug 8

    Schedule Your BoF Now!

    If you've never been to a DrupalCon before, you'll probably be wondering what people are talking about when they mention the great BoF session they went to.

    A BoF is more formally known as a "Birds of a Feather" session - where groups with similar interests can meet up. The term is derived from the proverb Birds of a Feather flock together or Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together. in its old English form.

  • Aug 3

    Drupal Performance Training

    If you already know what nginx/PHP-FPM, opcode caching (APC), memcached, Redis, varnish, xdebug and xhprof are then you probably don't need to attend the Drupal Performance and Scalability pre-conference training event on Monday 22nd August. You'd also do very well at Drupal Buzzword Bingo.

    However, if any of those terms means absolutely nothing to you, your Drupal site is probably not performing as well as it could.

  • Aug 2

    Jobs and Special Offers from DrupalCon Sponsors

    DrupalCon sponsors are great for many reasons. Their financial support helps fund DrupalCon, so we can offer the lowest ticket price in the industry. For this event, they are offering even more!

    Over 50 Job Opportunities

    Drupal businesses are expanding and you can be part of that exciting growth by working for a DrupalCon sponsor. Check out over 50 developer and business job opportunities and contact the sponsor directly or meet with them at DrupalCon London.

  • Aug 1

    Drupal 7 SEO

    Now the excitement about the tickets selling out is dying down (sign up for the waiting list here) it's time to tell you more about the exclusive training opportunities at the pre-conference training day.

Platinum Sponsors