Pre-Conference Training

It's by sharing knowledge with others that the Drupal community continues to grow and flourish. In that spirit, DrupalCon London will be offering pre-conference training courses and workshops on August 22, 2011, from 9am to 5pm to attendees interested in gaining additional hands-on experience on a variety of topics related to Drupal development.

Free Prize Draw: Three Times Lucky

We will be giving away one license for Komodo IDE from Active State at the DrupalCon London Training Day!
Everyone who attends a course at the DrupalCon London Training Day will be eligible for entry to the Training Day Prize Draw! Read more

Course Directory

If you're new to Drupal...

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal
Open Source Training: Steve Burge, Rod Martin
Learn the fundamentals of working with Drupal
£150 (+VAT)
Making the Switch to Drupal: The developer's view
Acquia: Erik Webb (erikwebb), Joshua Brauer (jbrauer), Jacob Singh (JacobSingh), Jeff Beeman (jrbeeman)
Learn how to read the blueprint before using your saw
£250 (+VAT)

If you're experienced with Drupal and want to develop new skills...

Advanced Configuration with Views, Page Manager, Flag and Rules
NodeOne,cocoate and Krimson: Johan Falk (Itangalo), Hagen Graf (hagen), Roel De Meester (demeester_roel)
Become a rock solid Drupal site builder, with the power of Views, Page manager, Flag and Rules.
Sold out!
Building Modules for Drupal 7
Lullabot: Jeff Eaton - eaton, James Sansbury - q0rban
Learn how Drupal works, how to implement hooks, and working with databases and Form API to extend Drupal.
Sold out!
jQuery for Drupal
Philip Vergunst (skilip),Erik Stielstra (Sutharsan)
Rich and interactive user interfaces. Learn to build them with this Drupal-jQuery course.

£325 (+VAT)

If you're experienced with Drupal and want a deep dive into speciality topics...

Aegir Hosting System: Deep Dive
: Antoine Beauprè (anarcat), Christopher Gervais (ergonlogic), Steven Jones (darthsteven)
Learn a scalable solution for deploying and managing Drupal sites.
£325 (+VAT)
Drupal Powered E-commerce
Commerce Guys: Ryan Szrama - rszrama, Greg Beuthin - smokinggoat
Learn to build e-commerce functionality in Drupal.
Sold out!
Drupal Performance and Scalability
"The Dream Team": David Strauss, Josh Koenig, Narayan Newton, Matt Westgate, Robert Douglass, and Steve Rude
Learn the best practices for tuning and scaling Drupal sites.
£325 (+VAT)

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