Go green!

If you're coming to DrupalCon from the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland or the Netherlands - have you considered taking the train to improve the environmental impact of the event?

For UK journeys we're guessing you already know what to do ...
... another good way to save energy and money on the journey is liftsharing: you might like to try the Drupalcon liftshare page on Freewheelers.

For journeys from the continent we've prepared some information to help you find the best train tickets:

The Channel Tunnel offers the perfect way of getting to London from the continent with the best environmental impact. Eurostar trains connect in Paris, Brussels and Lille to offer good journeys to London from many European towns & cities. Check the information for your country below for links to buy train tickets straight to London.


The SNCF sells through tickets from train stations in France to London St Pancras station. The cheapest Eurostar tickets are 88€ return:



The Eurostar will get you to London in just 1h50 from Brussels, and you can add on travel from any Belgian train station at a discount:

NL: http://www.b-europe.com/Reizen/Topbestemmingen/Londen
FR: http://www.b-europe.com/Voyager/Destinations/Londres
EN: http://www.b-europe.com/Travel/Top%20Destinations/London


For train tickets to London from the Netherlands:



Deutsche Bahn offers a very good value ticket to London from anywhere in Germany called 'London Spezial', but these tickets may be booked out now, it includes train travel from any train station in Germany to London St Pancras on ICE + Eurostar. Check DB for best prices:



To get to London you can get the TGV Lyria to Paris and change there for London.
You may find it easier to buy a through ticket from the SNCF from Switzerland to London because the SBB website doesn't seem to sell tickets to London.

Further Destinations

If you would like to come to DrupalCon on the train from further afield, I would recommend contacting your local train operator to find out about night trains. See if they can get you a special price including the Eurostar, and find a sleeper train that gets you into Paris or Cologne (Köln). From Paris you can come straight to London on the Eurostar. From Cologne you catch the high speed train to Brussels, then get the Eurostar from there. I've travelled many times on sleeper trains to London from all over Europe. In particular I enjoyed the journeys from Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary & Denmark: it's a nice way to go. Buy your tickets early so that you get the cheap deals, it's best to get a bed if you can afford it but the reclining seats are often good value.

Check this website for information for travelling from anywhere in Eurasia to London:

If anyone turns up on the trans-siberian we will of course be the most impressed.

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