Inviting Wait-listers to Register. You're Almost In!

Aug 10

EDIT: We've closed the wait list. We'll be opening any remaining tickets to the general public as soon as the current wait-listers have used their coupon codes.

When it looked like we were going to sell out the largest European DrupalCon ever, our dedicated team immediately started brainstorming ways to get those from the wait list to DrupalCon. We found a way.

The Core Conversations is going to be moved to a new venue (nearby Croydon Park Hotel, 5 minute walk from door to door). Core Conversations will now have its own space focused on improving Drupal core, infrastructure and Drupal documentation. This move alleviates some of the capacity issues we faced, and now we're able to offer tickets to the more than half of the people on the wait list.

The first 200 names on the wait list have been emailed a code they can use to register, but they only have 48 hours to do so. After two days the code expires, and we move down the list.
If you want to purchase a ticket to DrupalCon London, get on the wait list now. This is the best opportunity to secure a ticket.

We're working hard to make sure that everyone who wants to attend is able to join us at DrupalCon London, and we don't want you to give up hope. Meanwhile, search the forums to see if anyone has any spares.

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Too bad I didn't receive the

Too bad I didn't receive the mail :| I really want to come!

Get on the waiting list!

Because not everyone who is on the waiting list is able to come, you should put your name in. We'll move down the list after their 48 hours. There's still plenty of hope!

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