• Jul 29

    It's a SELL OUT!

    We're incredibly excited to announce that DrupalCon London has SOLD OUT last night! Having already extended the number of available tickets, we are now at the venue capacity - it's going to be an amazing DrupalCon.

    For those who missed out, don't dismay - we are creating a waiting list so you can be notified when there are cancellations. If spaces become available, we will email you in the order in which you signed up to the waiting list.

  • Jul 28

    Only 65 Tickets Left!

    If you've been thinking about coming to DrupalCon but haven't quite made up your mind yet, decide now!

    1,535 other people already did and we're sure you'd be really disappointed if you weren't there to join them.

    As a reminder, there will not be any ticket allocation after this - we will be at the capacity of the venue. At the rate the tickets are selling, they could be all sold out by tomorrow.

  • Jul 27

    Things Not to Be Missed at DrupalCon London!

    DrupalCon Challenge

    The Drupal Module Developer Challenge is becoming a popular tradition at DrupalCon. This contest requires you to conceive and complete a Drupal module in 24 hours.

    Entries will be judged by a panel of well-known Drupal developers and subject matter experts. The top three entries will have the chance to demo their creation on stage during a DrupalCon session and get live feedback from the panel of judges before a winner is crowned.

  • Jul 26

    DrupalCon London tickets are selling fast - don't miss out!

    We are delighted to announce that DrupalCon London tickets are selling really, really fast - thank you to all who are helping us promote this exciting event.

  • Jul 25

    Theming for Non-Themers by Emma Jane Hogbin

    If you've spent any time theming in Drupal, you will probably have heard of Emma Jane Hogbin. She literally wrote the book on Drupal theming (or at least one of them).

    Emma Jane is based in Canada, so the opportunity to attend one of her workshops in London is not to be missed. We're delighted to be able to offer the Theming for Non-Themers workshop on Monday 22nd August at the DrupalCon pre-conference training day, from 9AM - 5PM.

  • Jul 22

    DrupalCon Training : An Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal

    If this is your first DrupalCon - welcome to the party! A great way to get yourself up to speed before the conference is to attend the Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal training session on Monday 22nd August.

    The course is presented by Open Source Training and they'll even support you for 6 months after the course as you travel along the Drupal learning curve.

  • Jul 21

    DrupalCon London Scholarship Announcement

    Every year, a number of tickets to DrupalCon are awarded as scholarships. There are many hard working members of the community who do not have the opportunity to travel to DrupalCon and this is the opportunity for us to thank them for their contributions.

    The scholarship applications were reviewed this year by a three member jury consisting of:

    • Erik Stielstra (NL)
    • Steve Parks (UK)
    • Ivo Radulovski (AT)

    Applications were reviewed based on three criteria:

  • Jul 18

    Training: Experienced Developer but New to Drupal?

    Join Acquia's crack team of Drupal mentors in Making the Switch to Drupal, a day long introduction to Drupal for experienced developers. 

  • Jul 14

    DrupalCon London Core Conversations

    It is our pleasure to announce the core conversations schedule for DrupalCon London! We had an amazing burst of submissions in the last hours of the deadline, and the selection committee (Dries Buytaert, Angela Byron, Greg Dunlap and Larry Garfield) managed to fit almost everyone into the schedule. Thanks to everyone for your participation!

    The Core Conversations track is a place for people actively working on Drupal or to meet and plan the future of Drupal. Each session is either two 15 minute or one 30 minute presentation, plus 30 minutes of discussion

  • Jul 13

    Pre-Conference Training: Creating Awesome UX Deliverables

    Steve Fisher wireframed and co-designed the website for DrupalCon Chicago, setting the bar high for great conference websites. Steve is passionate about design, UX and collaborating in open source.

    This workshop contains practical advice, processes and practices which you can apply to your work now. If you communicate with clients, plan websites or applications, collaborate and develop ideas within a team, this workshop is for you.

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