• Jul 12

    Building Websites for Government - OpenPublic Training at DrupalCon

    Today's pre-conference training focus is Phase2's offering - a full day training on their OpenPublic distribution, designed specifically for building government websites.

  • Jul 11

    Deep Dive into the Aegir Hosting System

    Today's pre-conference training focus is the special one day course on the Aegir hosting system presented by Koumbit Networks.

    " Tasks that would take hours previously, now only take minutes with the automation that Aegir provides," says Christopher Gervais of Koumbit.

  • Jul 8

    JQuery Training at DrupalCon

    This week, we are running a series of blog posts focussing on the amazing pre-conference training opportunities at DrupalCon London.

    Today, it's the turn of jQuery: Wizzlern will be presenting a full day of training on Monday 22nd August (9AM - 5PM) at Croydon College, just next door to the conference venue.

    In recent years, jQuery has become the standard tool for a great user experience. This course will explain how jQuery and Drupal work together and will teach you how you can make best use of it to enhance your site.

  • Jul 7

    Lullabot Training at DrupalCon London

    Lullabot will be running a Module Building for Drupal 7 course on the Pre-Conference Training Day at DrupalCon London.

    Recognised as one of the leading training companies in the Drupal Community, this is another unique opportunity to be trained by the best at a special DrupalCon price.

  • Jul 6

    Exclusive e-Commerce Training from Commerce Guys at DrupalCon

    This week, we're focusing on the pre-conference training that's taking place at DrupalCon. Yesterday, we featured Advanced Configuration. Today it's the turn of Drupal Commerce.

    Ryan Szrama and Greg Beuthin of Commerce Guys will be presenting an intense course on Drupal Commerce - the next generation of Commerce for Drupal 7. This is a rare opportunity to learn about Drupal Commerce from the lead developer of the suite of modules.

  • Jul 4

    DrupalCon London Training - Don't Miss Out!

    The Monday before the DrupalCon is dedicated to training. Croydon College, right next door to Fairfield Halls, will host special training events from some of the leading Drupal companies in Europe and the USA.

    Training is offered at a much reduced rate compared to standard full day training offerings and it's a great opportunity to save on travel costs if you are attending DrupalCon already.

    In are series of blog posts this week, we will be highlighting some of the unmissable training opportunities that you can still take advantage of.

  • Jul 1

    Official DrupalCon Party Reception Tickets Are Still Available

    There was such a tremendous response to us selling out of tickets to the Official DrupalCon Party on the Wednesday of DrupalCon, that we wanted to see how exactly we could bring more people with us to enjoy the evening.

  • Jun 30

    A Tourist’s Guide to DrupalCon London

    by George DeMet (gdemet)

    When I learned that London was going to get to play host to DrupalCon in 2011, I was really excited, because it’s one of my favorite cities in the world to visit. Even though I live and work in the United States, I try to make a visit to London at least once every year or two, whether it’s to see a play starring one of my favorite British actors, visit a museum, or tour one of the city’s many historical sites.

  • Jun 29

    Submit your Core Conversations now!

    As DrupalCon has grown, many contributors have found it difficult to have focused conversations around core development. These discussions often interest a (relatively) narrow slice of DrupalCon attendees, but it is vitally important to have them on the rare occassions everyone is in the same place. At DrupalCon San Francisco we held a Core Dev Summit on the day before the activities began in earnest. This was a great event but it also meant that the rest of the con had little to address these concerns.

  • Jun 28

    DrupalCon London Presents: Drupal Business Day

    DrupalCon Chicago had a very successful Business Day during the conference in March. The idea was to provide business owners and those expressing an early interest in Drupal an opportunity to come and find out what it was all about and meet some of the community.

    For DrupalCon London, we are extending this concept with a full Drupal Evaluators' Day hosted at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel in London on the Monday of DrupalCon week (22nd August). The day is aimed at "switchers" or anyone in a decision making position considering Drupal on their shortlist.

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