Open Space on Drupal Education

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Mixel Kiemen

As the Drupal community grows, so does the need to educate newcomers joining in from many directions and with multiple motivations. Drupal Education is increasingly recognised as a major and growing need for the growing Drupal community. At the same time many people are making inroads in using Drupal in educational contexts opening up possibilities for interesting synergies.

DrupalCons have seen a steady culmination of educational BoFs, during Chicago they were particularly numerous. To give this topic more space, the Drupalcon London team and the Association lent support to an open space on Monday of DrupalCon week (22nd August). The event will be free and targets an audience that is willing to contribute to the community growth around Drupal and Education in its many guises. For more details and to sign up, see call for participation on education.

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