Session Tracks

The Core Conversations are held in a separate track.


Site Building and Environment Set-up

Track Chairs

  • Jakub Suchy
  • Florian LorĂ©tan

The Site Building and Environment Set-up track contains 2 sub-topics: Drupal Admin and Systems Admin.
Drupal Admin covers anything and everything that you can do through the administration interface without writing code. Sessions should focus on providing solutions, key concepts and stimulating the development of skills and solutions.
Systems Admin targets all things outside Drupal, but that are essential to know when working with Drupal. For instance setting up Varnish, running on a cluster, or switching to Nginx.


Business and Best Practices

Track Chairs

  • Bert Boerland
  • Steve Parks

The Business and Best Practices track is aimed primarily at end-users experienced or new to Drupal, comprising business and other sectors, such as government, education, NGOs. It covers topics about, among others, implementing a successful site, project management, using Drupal as the basis of a product, using Drupal in education or building an e-commerce site. This is the place to present case studies, that have advanced or will further the state-of-art in Drupal or the web.


Code & Coders

Track Chairs

  • Django Beatty
  • Jo Wouters
  • Heine Deelstra

The track Code and Coders is all about the programming for Drupal - PHP you need to know, Drupal patterns, Drupal structure, tools and how to use them - and the people developing Drupal.


Design, UX and Theming

Track Chairs

  • mortendk
  • Roy Scholten

This track focuses on the development and implementation of design, interaction, usability, accessibility and navigation, from the most basic design ideas of layout and user experience ideas to technical knowledge of CSS. Equal focus lies on the tools used to bring all of this together into a Drupal site as well as on teaching basic HTML/CSS knowledge to newcomers.



Track Chairs

  • Johan Falk
  • Karen Leech
  • Greg Knaddison

The Ecosystem track covers basically anything that concerns the Drupal community. It involves introductions to DrupalCon and Drupal, how to get involved in the various ways of contributing to the project, how the Drupal ecosystem develops as well as challenges to be faced.

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