jQuery for Drupal

May 17
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Rich and interactive user interfaces. Learn to build them with this Drupal-jQuery course.   ¬£325! (+VAT) Sign up today!


Provided by:

Wizzlern Our trainers have many years of Drupal experience, contribute to the community and provide Drupal training to professionals in The Netherlands.

Instructors: Philip Vergunst (skilip), Erik Stielstra (Sutharsan)



jQuery for Drupal developers and themers. Learn to master the jQuery tools provided by Drupal. With this course you will be able to add jQuery and Javascript to Drupal themes and forms and write Javascript for Drupal modules. The course consists of a mix of explanation, demonstration and hands-on exercises. All course subjects are covered by the exercises.

Course subjects:

  • Your development environment
  • jQuery basics (selectors, chaining, events)
  • Definitions, tools and resources
  • A jQuery Hello World example and some basic jQuery magic
  • How Javascript and jQuery integrate with Drupal
  • Behaviours and Settings
  • JSON and AJAX
  • Form-API and other Drupal Javascript tools
  • Coding standards, degradability and security


Who will gain the most from this course?

Drupal module developers and themers who must develop jQuery/Javascript to enrich the web-user experience.

To get the most out of this course, some experience with of CSS, Drupal theming and Drupal module development is required. Basic Javascript skills are a plus.


What will you learn?

After this course you can answer these questions:

  • How can I integrate Javascript with Drupal.
  • How do settings travel from the backend to the Javascript frontend code.
  • How can I make a Drupal form behave dynamically.
  • How can I add AJAX behaviour to a Drupal site.


What will you get during the course?

This course has a practical nature. There will be plenty of exercises, sufficient time to ask questions and to get help. To participate you need to bring a laptop computer preferably with a localhost server and Drupal installed. We will provide you with:

  • Access to a server environment for the duration of the training in case you don't have a localhost server on your computer.
  • A Wizzlern Drupal-jQuery cheat-sheet in print.
  • On-line access to the training materials, including an example module.
  • Hand-out of exercises.

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