Drupal Powered E-commerce

May 17
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Learn to build e-commerce functionality in Drupal.   ¬£325! (+VAT) Sign up today!


Provided by:

Commerce Guys - Commerce Guys has delivered e-commerce training at every DrupalCon since San Francisco and performs regularly scheduled Drupal Commerce trainings out of their Paris office.

Instructors: Ryan Szrama - rszrama, Greg Beuthin - smokinggoat



Commerce Guys' Drupal Powered E-commerce is an intense workshop style training that covers everything from downloading to configuring Drupal Commerce for use on a new Drupal 7 website. We alternate 15 - 30 minute lectures with hands-on practice sessions where additional Commerce Guys trainers answer questions and guide students through the process of building their own Drupal e-commerce website. Students should come prepared to build a Drupal 7 site and expect to leave with an awareness of all that Drupal Commerce has to offer and a functional understanding of how to build their first Commerce powered store.


Who will gain the most from this course?

Our target audience is advanced site builders and developers. While beginners will certainly learn a lot, we've found that attendees without a functional understanding of site building with Drupal 7 and major contributed modules like Views have a hard time grasping all the material. Attendees who want to get the most out of the day of guided store configuration should also be familiar with the Rules module, which can be quite complex despite our attempts to simplify it for Commerce users.


What will you learn?

Participants should expect to learn what the default entities and fields defined by the Commerce modules are and how they interact with each other to provide the base level of e-commerce functionality. They should also learn how to use the additional systems defined by the core Commerce modules, such as Payment and Tax, and learn what essential contributed modules exist to solve additional e-commerce needs, like Shipping and Coupons. As we will be working from the Commerce Kickstart installation profile as our starting point, participants should also learn the advantages of using use case specific installation profiles to jump-start their e-commerce site building process on Drupal 7. At the end of the day, participants should be able to begin building their first Drupal Commerce site and know how to find support and contribute back to the development community through bug reports and feature suggestions.


What will you get during the course?

We'll provide workbooks and we should have capacity to record and post videos on vimeo if that's acceptable per your contract (we were worried about this with DrupalCon Chicago). We're also generally available for follow-up questions via e-mail and IRC. For the practice sessions, we'd ideally use our web based training platform (multi-site Drupal 7).

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