Building Modules for Drupal 7

May 17
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Learn how Drupal works, how to implement hooks, and working with databases and Form API to extend Drupal.   ¬£325! (+VAT) Sign up today!


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The trainers are well-recognized experts in the Drupal community, and have built large and small scale sites on Drupal 5, 6, and 7. This particular class has been delivered at DrupalCon Chicago, and the Drupal 6 incarnation of it has been a mainstay of Lullabot's public and private trainings for the past four years. Lullabot's reputation as a training organization is top-notch, and hundreds of students have benefited from the course already.
Instructors: Jeff Eaton - eaton, Joe Shindelar - eojthebrave

Students will learn how Drupal works under the hood by building simple example modules and dissecting more complex code. We'll explore Drupal's most common hooks; learn how to use them together by building a simple module that responds to internal Drupal events; and investigate Drupal 7's new database abstraction layer.
Who will gain the most from this course?
Anyone with a basic understanding of PHP who wants to learn to extend Drupal's functionality.

What will you learn?
On completion, you'll be able to describe Drupal's event-based system and explain the role of modules in the Drupal ecosystem; you'll know what a hook is and be able to build a module that adds new functionality to Drupal; use Drupal's Database API to store, retrieve, and manage data safely; and build simple input forms using the FormAPI.

What will you get during the course?
We'll be providing not only all presentations and example code used during the course, but also some cheat-sheets to students on topics like Form API and DBTNG.

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