Advanced Configuration with Views, Page Manager, Flag and Rules

May 17
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Become a rock solid Drupal site builder, with the power of Views, Page manager, Flag and Rules.£325! (+VAT) Sign up today!


Provided by:

NodeOne, cocoate and Krimson.

Johan Falk has held this popular training class in Sweden. He has also written a Drupal book where the last half covers the topics of this course.

Instructors: Johan Falk (Itangalo), Hagen Graf (hagen), Roel De Meester (demeester_roel).



This course will take you from an intermediate Drupal site builder to a rock solid configurator. During the day we will work with practical examples and exercises to see how you can use some of Drupal’s most important modules to achieve complex functionality based on actual sites. You will not only learn how to use these modules one by one, but also how to combine them in order to manifold their use cases. Each topic in the course has a set of exercises ranging from relatively easy tasks to really challenging tasks, assuring that you will never have to get stuck or be left with nothing to do. You are guaranteed to have a full dose of Drupal!


Who will gain the most from this course?

The course targets anyone with an interest to learn how to make more out of the existing module eco system, whether you are relatively new to Drupal and long-time developers who would like to code less and configure more in order to have more sustainable websites. To enjoy this course you should have good skills in configuring Drupal core, including fields, and at least basic skills in using Views.


What will you learn?

After this course you will be able to:

  • Use contextual filters in Views to create dynamic lists
  • Use advanced contextual filter settings to create summaries, attached jump menus, list related content, and more
  • Use Page manager to create paths with customized behaviour on your site
  • Use Page manager to load contexts, and use these in with Views Content Panes to make more use of contextual filters in Views
  • Use Views as contexts in Page manager, to allow even more tailored behaviour on your custom pages
  • Use menu tabs, default menu tabs and local actions in your Views and Page manager configuration
  • Use Flag in conjunction with Views to create tailored per-user listings
  • Use Flag in conjunction with Rules to create tailored actions on your site, reacting on per-user basis
  • Use Rules to create tailored actions and workflows on your site
  • Use Rules Scheduler to have timed or repeated tasks carried out


What will you get during the course?

Exercises will be available online under Create Commons license.

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