Things Not to Be Missed at DrupalCon London!

Jul 27

DrupalCon Challenge

The Drupal Module Developer Challenge is becoming a popular tradition at DrupalCon. This contest requires you to conceive and complete a Drupal module in 24 hours.

Entries will be judged by a panel of well-known Drupal developers and subject matter experts. The top three entries will have the chance to demo their creation on stage during a DrupalCon session and get live feedback from the panel of judges before a winner is crowned.

The theme of the challenge will remain secret until the announcement on Day Stage Tuesday, August 23rd, from 2:00 - 2:15pm.
This is a great opportunity to showcase your Drupal skills in front of the assembled community - start training now!

Drupal Education Open Space

Training and Education is recognised as a significant growth area in the Drupal Community. New Drupal users and Developers are joining the community from many different backgrounds and with different motivation. Drupal is also becoming the system of choice for many educational establishments, from school and colleges to universities.

DrupalCon has seen a dramatic increase in the number of educational BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions over the last few events. To give this topic more space, we are creating an open space event on Monday of DrupalCon week (22nd August). The event will be free and targets an audience that is willing to contribute to the community growth around Drupal and Education in its many guises. Click here for more details and to sign up.

Code Sprint

One of the other vital elements of DrupalCon is the code sprint on Friday. This is a rare opportunity for core and contrib developers alike to work together whilst we are all in the same place. Anyone can organise a sprint, and 3 people have already expressed interest in doing so.

Pub Crawl

DrupalCon is not all about sessions and code sprints! One of the most important parts of the event is the social calendar and the opportunity to mix with your Drupal peers.

Our resident expert Robert Castelo is arranging a traditional London Pub Crawl - one not to miss. Details are coming soon.

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And that traditional London pub crawl...

... has now indeed been organized by Robert Castelo (and others)!

Sign up here:

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