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Jun 29

As DrupalCon has grown, many contributors have found it difficult to have focused conversations around core development. These discussions often interest a (relatively) narrow slice of DrupalCon attendees, but it is vitally important to have them on the rare occassions everyone is in the same place. At DrupalCon San Francisco we held a Core Dev Summit on the day before the activities began in earnest. This was a great event but it also meant that the rest of the con had little to address these concerns. So we iterated, and at DrupalCon Chicago the Core Conversations track was created by Larry Garfield. This basically took the Core Dev Summit idea and turned it into its own track that ran through the week. The Core Conversations track was such a success that we decided to run it again at DrupalCon London. We have also added one huge improvement - in London all Core Conversations will be covered by the audio and video crew so that their content will be available after DrupalCon is over.

So what is the Core Conversations track? The Core Conversations track is a place for people actively working on Drupal or to meet and plan the future of Drupal. Each session is either two 15 minute or one 30 minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion. The target audience for the Core Conversations sessions are those actively engaged in pushing Drupal forward, and those who are interested in learning more about where core development is going and trends in the community. If you have an idea about how to improve Drupal core, and you are passionate about how to implement it, then this is the place for you. Provocative (but productive) proposals are encouraged, open discussion and out-of-the-box thinking are the goal.

One of the reasons the track was so successful in Chicago is because the presentations were so thought-provoking! We can't do it without amazing talks, so if the above description sounds like you, please submit a Core Conversation today! All you need is a description of the problem you're trying to solve, and a description of how you propose to solve it. You don't have to do it yourself either, you can include up to three co-presenters. You can also keep track of the core conversations that have already been submitted. In addition to the community submissions, there will be a status report from each of the Drupal 8 initiative owners.

Submissions are due at 23h59 GMT+1 on July 7. Please note that this date has changed, it was originally July 14 but has been moved back one week. After submissions are closed, the selection committee (Greg Dunlap, Larry Garfield, and Dries Buytaert) will review them and make out choices. The schedule will be announced on July 14th.

Thanks and see you in London!

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