Propose a training session for DrupalCon!

Apr 5

We've got an ambitious deadline to get the training schedule announced by next week- and also establish a transparent selection process and rating criteria which can be used and developed in future DrupalCons.

We're looking for training proposals from experienced instructors who are knowledgable about Drupal and can provide a great learning experience for participants.

The call for training proposals is closing Friday, 8th of April, midnight GMT! Find out more about it here:

Would you like to propose a training course?

It's said at European DrupalCons that training simply isn't as popular. I think that is not the full story- because we know that training is much needed, especially in Europe. I think we need to find the right subjects which people want to study; find the right price point; and promote training to the people who need it most. That means, both those who are familiar with Drupal and want and in-depth experience of tricky topics, and those who are new to Drupal entirely. To reach them, we need to reach way outside the Drupal community,

The training day is a special opportunity to attract those who are new to Drupal to get a head start, and prepare to get the most out of the conference. While they may be new to Drupal, we also know they may be novices to web development (but experienced project managers or business owners) or they may be experienced developers who have created their own CMSs, who have just started using Drupal.

To reach both those groups, we need to promote training like never before. Our goal is to double the attendees from DrupalCon Copenhagen. Promoting training means reaching way outside the Drupal Community, and this will require the effort of everyone on the training team as well as partners who are selected for delivering training.

Who's behind all this? Meet the training co-ordination team

One of our most important goals is to establish a process which can be used in future DrupalCons, to avoid reinventing the wheel, and ensure we have a criteria and selection process which suits each conference, and ensures a balanced schedule. I've been told we're overly concerned about perceptions of bias and guarding against it, but I really take this to heart, and we want to champion for fairness and transparency in selection.

  • I, Heather James, am co-coordinating the training at the event with the team members listing below. I work for Acquia as Manager of Learning Services. Diana said I'm "sprinkling organisational foo", which is funny because I don't feel like a skilled coordinator. That's why I think it's so important to build teams!
  • Diana Dupuis of Four Kitchens, is developing a rating criteria, and a transparent, fair selection process to ensure in this and future DrupalCons, we have a roster of training sessions which suit the needs of the attendees, and are attractive and well attended.
  • David Kitchen of Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London / Ltd, will be working as PR/Marketing Manager for training, and helping partners promote their training across Europe. No small feat!
  • Erik Stielstra of Wizzlern, and Marek Sotak of Atomic Ant, will be helping on the training team to give feedback on the rating heuristics and selection process, and provide pre-conference care to potential attendees.
  • This process is being overseen by folks from the Drupal Association: Isabell Schulz, events coordinator (formerly of NodeOne) and Jacob Redding, formerly of Chapter Three, Treasurer. As events coordinator, Isabell will also be helping to confirm details for the day and organise the registration.

Together the group above will manage selection and announce the choices next week.

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RE: Propose a training session for DrupalCon!

I think to reach both those groups, you need to promote training like never before, Closet Doors and Interior Doors.

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