Official DrupalCon Party Reception Tickets Are Still Available

Jul 1

There was such a tremendous response to us selling out of tickets to the Official DrupalCon Party on the Wednesday of DrupalCon, that we wanted to see how exactly we could bring more people with us to enjoy the evening.

We've found a solution: though we've run out of tickets to the Batman Live show at the O2 Arena, we're opening up the reception afterward. It's from 8PM until 11 at Proud2, a great venue that's hosted concerts and parties (and has a huge capacity). So here's the deal, you can now purchase your tickets to the reception at Proud2. They cost £25 plus VAT, and you'll need to get to and from Proud2, but there will be hundreds of other Drupalists to keep you company on the train and tube!

So you can get there and get the party started, and all of those who got tickets to the Batman Live show will meet you there. The option to purchase tickets is on the second to last page of the registration form.

If you've already purchased your DrupalCon ticket, you can log in to the registration page and just click through to the end of the process.

Don't miss the chance to unwind after a day of sessions with all of your favorite Drupalists!

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