Exclusive e-Commerce Training from Commerce Guys at DrupalCon

Jul 6

This week, we're focusing on the pre-conference training that's taking place at DrupalCon. Yesterday, we featured Advanced Configuration. Today it's the turn of Drupal Commerce.

Ryan Szrama and Greg Beuthin of Commerce Guys will be presenting an intense course on Drupal Commerce - the next generation of Commerce for Drupal 7. This is a rare opportunity to learn about Drupal Commerce from the lead developer of the suite of modules.

During the day you will learn how Drupal Commerce has been designed from the ground up to make use of the core features of Drupal 7. A series of tutorials and practical examples will lead you through the core of Drupal Commerce and discuss some of the key contributed modules for the project.

You'll need to arrive with a basic knowledge of Drupal 7, Views and Rules to make the most of the course, but you'll leave with enough knowledge to start building your first Drupal Commerce site.

Find out more about this course here or sign up now - the course costs £325 + VAT for the full day.

To get a idea about Drupal Commerce and what you can do, listen to this screencast, by instructor, Ryan Szrama.

Building a Drupal Commerce product catalog from Ryan Szrama on Vimeo.

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When? Regards Kasper (wolan)


Regards Kasper (wolan)

It'll be August 22nd, the

It'll be August 22nd, the first whole day of the conference.

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