DrupalCon Training : An Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal

Jul 22

If this is your first DrupalCon - welcome to the party! A great way to get yourself up to speed before the conference is to attend the Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal training session on Monday 22nd August.

The course is presented by Open Source Training and they'll even support you for 6 months after the course as you travel along the Drupal learning curve.

This is a full day course at a specially discounted price of £150 + VAT and you can register here now. The low rate is a special gift/welcome from Drupal to you.

This is the must-go-to training if you're brand new to Drupal. Whether you're a designer, a decision maker, a project manager or a website developer- this hands-on introduction to Drupal is an essential first step to DrupalCon.

They'll also throw in a Visual QuickStart Guide to everyone on the course.

Visual QuickStart Guide

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Keynotes streamed

We will be streaming the keynotes live each morning. Additionally, all of our breakout sessions will be posted on the website within 48 hours of their presentation, and these are free of charge. However, as Heather pointed out, the training courses and BoFs will not be available online.


Hello! All sessions, except

Hello! All sessions, except the training courses and BoFs will be recorded and put online, as with previous conferences. But you will not see them streamed live as far as I know.

How we can see ?

How we can see drupalcon london from others countries?

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