DrupalCon London Wrapup

Aug 30

73 Sessions and 87 BoFs later it's all over and we can emerge from the DrupalCon bubble.
DrupalCon London has been an amazing success with a final attendance of 1751.

We're delighted to announce that as well as being the biggest European DrupalCon in terms
of attendees, DrupalCon London was also a profitable event - investing over
£38,000 back into the Drupal Community.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, organisers and sponsors for making this happen -
in particular to Neil Kent, Megan Sanicki and Isabell Schulz for their tireless work behind
the scenes.

Many of the session videos are already online - there's a full RSS feed available here. In particular, make sure you catch webkenny's performance in the opening session and of course all the keynotes here, here and here.

If you haven't yet completed our survey, please do - it will help to shape the future of DrupalCon. Also, please take the time to complete the evaluation for any session you attended.

Next up is DrupalCon Denver from March 20th-22nd 2012 and we were delighted to be
able to hand the European baton over to the DrupalCon Munich team.

This is London... signing off.

Comments (6)

Why is such a large profit good?

This is surely the way not to go about community events?

If £38,000 was made in profit, then £300 + for tickets clearly was too expensive.

More people being able to attend due to lower ticket prices, increasing the knowledge and interest in Drupal, would be far more valuable than profit made to put back into the community.

The most valuable commodity in this project is knowledge, not money.

>If £38,000 was made in

>If £38,000 was made in profit, then £300 + for tickets clearly was too expensive.

It's only about £20 per attendee...

Archive of presentations?

Will there be any videos of the presentations made available for those of use unable to attend the conference?

First to profit? Not true.

DrupalCon Copenhagen generated at least €50K for the Drupal Association. See this comment by Jacob Redding for the details: https://association.drupal.org/node/1169#comment-1129

I think you did a good job in London, but disparaging the previous DrupalCons reflects poorly on the organisers.

You're right

The post was referring to a difference in how the conferences were accounted for and attempted to shed light on a new milestone for the European conference. With that said the language chosen did not cast other DrupalCons in the best light, which was unfortunate. The post has been amended to better reflect the intention.

Every DrupalCon has been a success and one of the many reasons why our community and project is so strong.

It's been fun!


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