DrupalCon London Training - Don't Miss Out!

Jul 4

The Monday before the DrupalCon is dedicated to training. Croydon College, right next door to Fairfield Halls, will host special training events from some of the leading Drupal companies in Europe and the USA.

Training is offered at a much reduced rate compared to standard full day training offerings and it's a great opportunity to save on travel costs if you are attending DrupalCon already.

In are series of blog posts this week, we will be highlighting some of the unmissable training opportunities that you can still take advantage of.

Advanced Configuration with Views, Page Manager, Flag and Rules

Presented by NodeOne, cocoate and Krimson, this course is aimed at Site Builders / Configurators / Integrators (there are many ways of describing a similar role in the community).

The course focuses on the Views, Page manager, Flag and Rules modules using a interactive classroom approach with practical examples and exercises. If you are a Site Builder rather than a module developer, this course is the perfect way to improve your skill base if you already have at least a basic level of understanding of Fields and Views.

After this course you'll have a greater understanding of these key Drupal modules and how to make best use of them when building any site.

Find out more about this course here or Sign up now - the course costs £325 + VAT for the full day.

One of the most exciting things about any DrupalCon is that we are able to get so much of the community in the same place at the same time- these are just one of the training opportunities available - you can find many more here. Places are limited as small training sessions are much more effective, so make sure you sign up now if you are interested in attending.

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