DrupalCon London Scholarship Announcement

Jul 21

Every year, a number of tickets to DrupalCon are awarded as scholarships. There are many hard working members of the community who do not have the opportunity to travel to DrupalCon and this is the opportunity for us to thank them for their contributions.

The scholarship applications were reviewed this year by a three member jury consisting of:

  • Erik Stielstra (NL)
  • Steve Parks (UK)
  • Ivo Radulovski (AT)

Applications were reviewed based on three criteria:

  1. Only voluntary, non-profit work makes applicants eligible for a scholarship. Working on the Drupal project (core, documentation, events, etc) as part of a paid job does NOT count.
  2. Scholarships are both rewards and incentives. Applications should be ranked based on what applicants have done for Drupal in the past and based on how much the applicant's attendance at DrupalCon London will benefit them and the Drupal project.
  3. Judge applications based on applicants' work from the past year. It's not a problem if the same people get a scholarship to every DrupalCon, as long as they keep contributing to Drupal.

Oh, and hard work, of course. Very, very hard work.

We are delighted to announce the scholarships for DrupalCon London have been awarded to:

  • Jeffrey Mark Burns
  • Jennifer Anne Hodgdon
  • Sumit Kataria
  • Shen Liang
  • Vaidik Kapoor
  • Pratul Kalia
  • Alan Palazzolo
  • Andrey Postnikov
  • Gordon Heydon
  • Bojhan Somers
  • Marcus Danillo Martins Nunes
  • Klaus Purer
  • Sebastian Siemssen
  • Andrei Mateescu 
  • Issa Mahasneh
  • Wolfgang Ziegler
  • Nancy Dina Contreras Quispe
  • [UPDATE] Alaa Batayneh
  • [UPDATE] Heshan Wanigasooriya

Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you all in London.

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