DrupalCon London Presents: Drupal Business Day

Jun 28

DrupalCon Chicago had a very successful Business Day during the conference in March. The idea was to provide business owners and those expressing an early interest in Drupal an opportunity to come and find out what it was all about and meet some of the community.

For DrupalCon London, we are extending this concept with a full Drupal Evaluators' Day hosted at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel in London on the Monday of DrupalCon week (22nd August). The day is aimed at "switchers" or anyone in a decision making position considering Drupal on their shortlist.

The programme contains sessions and lightning talks from key Drupal Community members and representatives of large organisations that have successfully adopted Drupal. Topics include discussions of Drupal in the Enterprise, performance and comparisons with industry competitors.

The Drupal Evaluators' Day venue is in central London - at a more intimate venue than the main DrupalCon. This is a great opportunity for Drupal companies to network with business influencers who may not be at the full conference. It's also a great opportunity for
businesses to meet the top Drupal providers all in the same place - a rare occurrence.

The places are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot. Admission is at a low cost of £78.50 + VAT. Find out more about the day.

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