DrupalCon London Core Conversations

Jul 14

It is our pleasure to announce the core conversations schedule for DrupalCon London! We had an amazing burst of submissions in the last hours of the deadline, and the selection committee (Dries Buytaert, Angela Byron, Greg Dunlap and Larry Garfield) managed to fit almost everyone into the schedule. Thanks to everyone for your participation!

The Core Conversations track is a place for people actively working on Drupal or Drupal.org to meet and plan the future of Drupal. Each session is either two 15 minute or one 30 minute presentation, plus 30 minutes of discussion

Each core conversation slot is one hour long, with 30 minutes total presentation and 30 minutes total discussion. However, this is split up differently dependent on the topics being covered and the time needed to present. So for instance, we may have taken two similar topics and given them 15 minutes each, with 30 minutes of discussion following. Or we may do two dissimilar ones of 15/15 back to back. In addition to the normal core conversations, there will be presentations from each of the Drupal 8 initiative owners.

Now, on to the schedule! See you all there!

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A list of selected Core

A list of selected Core Conversations can be found here: http://london2011.drupal.org/conference/selected-coreconversations

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