Building Websites for Government - OpenPublic Training at DrupalCon

Jul 12

Today's pre-conference training focus is Phase2's offering - a full day training on their OpenPublic distribution, designed specifically for building government websites.

OpenPublic provides significant opportunities for Drupal shops to win more government web site projects and hit the ground running on their next build. Distributions such as OpenPublic can save you hundreds of hours on a web site build, creating efficiencies and allowing for innovation in the public sector. But, like other popular Drupal distributions, OpenPublic introduces a few development practices that need to be understood before you start to mould it into what you need. This hands-on workshop provides developer-to-developer insights and strategies to help you use OpenPublic strategically in your next project.

Once again, the pre-conference training at DrupalCon gives you a unique opportunity to learn from the developers of the distribution - giving a completely unique perspective and insight. The training will take place in Croydon on Monday 22nd August from 9AM until 5PM. The course costs £325 + VAT per person and you can book your place here.

Check out this screencast for a glimpse of the OpenPublic training and what you can do with OpenPublic.

DrupalCon London Training: Build Websites for Government from Phase2 Technology on Vimeo.

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