Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Court

Located on the Strand is the England's primary civil court- the Royal Courts of Justice. Housed within a magnificent Gothic building, the courts handle many of the nation's most serious civil, libel and appeals cases. The building was the last Gothic revival building to be built in London and was designed by G E Street, it is thought that the strain of building such an enormous project led to Streets untimely death. Queen Victoria officially opened the Royal Courts of Justice in 1882.

Consisting of more than three miles of corridors and containing more than one thousand rooms- the architectural scale of the courts is breathtaking, the interior of the building every bit as lavish and impressive as the exterior. The public are permitted to view, unsupervised, all 88 court rooms- though Judges have been known to reprimand those who would interrupt proceedings.


Strand, London WC2A 2LL

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