Senior Drupal Developer

Aug 4

Senior Drupal Developer:
Commerce Guys seeks qualified Drupal developers to join our elite development team.
The position:

  • Understand overall goals of a project, ask questions when you're not sure
  • Write clean, well-engineered code, respectful of the Drupal development standards
  • Test the web applications that you have developed
  • Communicate effectively with project managers, technical leads, and other stakeholders of the project.

We are focused on e-commerce, and often have to develop nice applications in the following areas:

  • Check-out process
  • ERP or CRM integration
  • Site configuration, Custom module development
  • Theming and advanced theming
  • Multilingual web sites
  • Scalable applications
  • Social network integration (especially with Facebook, foursquare and twitter)
  • Mobile sites

In your application, we value the following:

  • English is a must, we value other European languages skills
  • Visibile participation in your local Drupal scene. We support community meetings throughout Europe and North America and are always looking for ways to increase that support.
  • jQuery and CSS development skills. We are always looking for people with a sense of style.
  • Experience with scalability issues and high performance web sites. Many of our sites need to scale to handle massive amounts of traffic.
  • Technical documentation. We like concept diagrams, site maps, feature lists, data transformation tables, and anything else that provides transparency to our process.
  • We value team spirit a lot

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