Rockstar Systems Developer

Jul 27

You know programming. You know systems administration. Why not combine them to automate the process of creating and maintaining massive server farms and managing cloud computing?

You’ll create systems to build, launch, upgrade and update large virtual server farms automatically, with little human intervention, and no downtime. What sort of servers? You name it. Load balancers, web servers, open source and enterprise database servers, app servers for PHP and Java, file server appliances, and things we haven’t even dreamed up yet.

There’s a heavy amount of shell scripting involved. We’re using BASH for a lot, but you might know why Python, Perl, or something else entirely is better for this task. Talk to us, we’ll listen.

What we need: Someone who eats BASH scripting for breakfast. Someone who understands the ins and outs of server configuration and can script it so that it can configure servers on-the-fly. We need someone who is interested in building reusable appliances, not just servers. From load balancing to php servers, to java application servers. General knowledge of infrastructure is a must here. Last but not least, we need someone who understands n-tier architecture and is interested in finding out how large “n” can get.

Who we are: Hi, we’re WorkHabit! How ya doin? We’re a development shop based in San Francisco, CA and we build social sites for companies. We’re about 20 people all with a passion for doing things fast and doing them well. We’re experts in scaling Drupal for large sites. Like Macworld for the Steve Jobs keynote. You know how you didn’t hear about the Macworld site going down? That was us.

Required Skills:

ability to shell script in your sleep. No copy and pasters. We want to be awed by your skills. Daily.

a proven track record working on other high profile, high traffic sites. That blog you run doesn’t count. Unless you run Techcrunch.

complete understanding of how traditional n-tier architectures are built, what’s involved in maintaining them, and how to troubleshoot when needed.

understanding of application stack performance tuning. We’ve got a bunch of them. LAMP, CoolStack, the java jvm with tomcat, etc.

familiarity with different Linux distros.

ability to reconfigure and rebuild packages using various package managers.

Ability to develop comfortably in a couple of languages. PHP, Perl, Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Erlang. Whatever.

The ability to work within a team. That whole loner hacker thing is great, but not for us.

We’d love it if you already came to the table with some experience with virtualization. And since we’re a Drupal shop, we’ll get all tingly if you love Drupal too.

To apply for this job, please email us (apply AT with your resume and cover letter. Really want to get our attention? Tell us about something great you created recently.

Recruiters: Sorry, but we’re interested in talking to principals only.

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