Project Managers

Aug 4

We are hiring for senior project managers to clients services director and here's what we expect you to do:

  • Create a transparent, positive and long term relationship with your client
  • Participate in the pre-sales bids and project evaluation
  • Write down precise and clean specifications for the projects you're in charge
  • Coordonate the development team (planing, task assignment, scheduling...)
  • Monitor the projects to deliver it on the expected schedule and quality
  • Communicate efficiently with the entire team and stakeholders of the project
  • Do an efficient reporting and follow up billing
  • Identify future needs and reselling opportunities

In your application, we will value the following:

  • A previous experience either in Ecommerce or with Drupal is a must
  • We seek great characters that will have a great sense on customer relationship
  • We need "project owners" that will seek the project success all the time
  • We value initiative, curiosity, passion, team spirit a lot

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