Principal Engineer - Office of the CTO

Jun 30

Do you like to determine trends and opportunities in the content management industry? Do you enjoy diving into new technology and finding out what makes it tick? Does drawing up plans for solving some of the Drupal project’s most important issues sound like fun? Would you enjoy researching and prototyping new Acquia products or services?If so, Acquia’s Office of the CTO is seeking a creative individual to help tackle some of Drupal’s and Acquia’s toughest problems. In the position of Principal Engineer, your job would be to look externally, towards other solutions and come up with architectural suggestions for both Acquia engineers and the wider Drupal community.

What will you do?

  • You’ll keep tabs on Drupal’s limitations and what competing systems are doing by keeping up on trends, attending conferences, and organizing customer advisory sessions, and propose/communicate plans around attacking big problems that help propel Drupal and Acquia further.
  • You’ll discover and compare/contrast different approaches from competing systems and new technologies and come up with recommendations for changes in Drupal and/or Acquia products (e.g. how to approach making Drupal into a mobile platform, how to Improve Drupal’s content editorial workflow).
  • You’ll work with an entrepreneurial spirit and and passion about building proof-of-concepts and prototypes to help incubate new ideas for Drupal and/or for Acquia products.

In each of those roles, you'd work directly with Dries on a daily basis, and as a member of the Office of the CTO, you would represent Dries in meetings with Drupal community members, Acquia employees, and Acquia customers.

What will you bring to the team?

  • 5+ years programming experience
  • 3+ years experience as senior architect
  • Strong, strategic thinker in-tune with market needs
  • Industry knowledge of WCMS/ECMS/Social Business Software
  • Ability to identify Drupal’s technical shortcomings compared to non-Drupal solutions
  • Ability to communicate effectively with senior developers and IT managers
  • Ability to conduct research studies, analyze data, and develop strategies
  • Willingness and ability to delve into all parts of Drupal

This position is based in the Boston area.

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