Lead Developer

Jul 8

Trellon is a strategy and development firm that builds open source solutions for non-profit, NGO, political and academic clients. One of the original Drupal firms, we are seeking qualified Lead Developers to join our team and help provide the thoughtful, innovative solutions we are known for.

Job Description

Lead Developers are important actors in our delivery process, possessing a detailed technical knowledge of Drupal and using it to deliver excellent solutions for our clients. Here's what we expect from someone in this role:

  • Understand the goals and strategy behind each project from conception through completion, to ensure each project meets or exceeds the goals we set out to achieve.
  • Write clean, well-engineered code that conforms to accepted standards within the Drupal community.
  • Demonstrate excellence in theming or custom module development. We expect Lead Developers to be up to speed with the latest techniques in one of these key areas.
  • Manage contributions to the community, and act as maintainers for various modules we support.
  • Provide guidance and insight on development techniques and methodologies to other team members, and communicate the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches.

Who We Are Looking For

Lead Developers traditionally possess diverse backgrounds and bring skill sets that go beyond simply being able to write code. Having a clear commitment to the communities we care about, critical thinking skills, and expertise in our core platforms are all part of working with Trellon. We look for people who can demonstrate skills in the following areas:

  • The ability to interact with clients and help them to understand Drupal. This includes:
    • exploring ideas for how to use the platform, and explaining what various modules do.
    • collecting requirements and helping people craft their strategy for how to use their web sites.
    • demonstrating new features as they become available, receiving feedback and incorporating it in your work.
  • People with good collaboration skills. This includes:
    • being able to work with other developers from different time zones on complex technical issues and achieve outstanding results.
    • being able to coordinate effectively with project managers and internet strategists around schedules and deliverables for client projects.
    • being able to identify opportunities to improve processes and offer constructive suggestions for change.
  • Advanced knowledge of Drupal development techniques. This includes the following:
    • building modules and themes in-line with community standards, using techniques which can be considered examples of best practices for development.
    • the ability to write reusable code that can be deployed over multiple sites, create features packages that can be used as the base for core site capabilities, use sub-themes effectively, and the like.
    • an understanding of collaborative development techniques, including the use of git, branches, post commits and more to automate development proceses.
  • Participate in structured product development processes. This means:
    • sticking to a features list, and speaking up when you see a gap, and doing something about it.
    • adhering to release schedules, honoring commitments we make to clients and the community.
    • developing components that can make their way into multiple sites and products.
  • The ability to work without direct supervision, to make use of internal project management tools, to diligently record your hours in the timekeeping system, and to keep others aware of your schedule for planning purposes.

We give special consideration to people with the following skills:

  • Demonstrated expertise with jQuery and CSS.
  • Proficency with high-performance web server and database tuning.
  • Understanding multiple CRM systems and techniques for how to work with them.
  • Insight into Drupal scalability and performance, and the ability to articulate the benefits of various approaches.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of multisite and multilingual installations.
  • Understanding mapping and geocoding techniques.
  • Writing skills. Articulate, clever people with their own opinions find many outlets for their talents.

Why You Would Want to Work Here

Trellon offers competitive salaries along with health, savings, dental, and vision benefits for all full time employees. Beyond that, there culture here is a little different from other companies. There are a lot of reasons you might want to look at working with our team:

  • We build awesome Drupal sites. Trellon delivers robust solutions on tight timeframes, which often include advanced components that go far beyond out of the box solutions. We are experts on thinking through challenges and developing thoughtful, sustainable solutions that are satisfying on so many levels.
  • You get to travel and attend Drupal events all over the world. Trellon sponsors events throughout North America, Europe and elsewhere and we bring the team along wherever we go.
  • You get to make the world a nicer place. 90% of our clients are non-profits, NGOs, associations, universities and other worthwhile organizations looking to do great things. The other 10% of our clients are doing something special with the Internet and are generally using it for really cool purposes.
  • You get to learn something new. Nearly 100% of the people who have ever worked for Trellon have said they have learned a great deal and been fully challenged during their time here.
  • You get paid to contribute back to Drupal. Full time developers are paid to write patches, contribute modules, blog about cool topics, and generally act as a responsible open source people.

How to Apply

This is a full-time position that includes full medical, dental and savings benefits. Telecommuting is fine, but candidates based in and around the Washington DC metro area will be given special consideration.

Send a copy of your resume, a cover letter stating your salary requirements, and a list of links to sites you have built and a link to your Drupal user profile to jobs@trellon.com. Please also provide a code sample demonstrating your strengths as a developer.

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