Internet Strategist

Jul 8

Trellon is a strategy and development firm that builds open source solutions for non-profit, NGO, political and academic clients. We are seeking qualified Internet Strategists to join our growing team of web professionals.


We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual to help clients craft the overall strategic direction for their Internet projects. Internet Strategists are responsible for working with clients to identify and articulate their overall goals for a project, articulate solutions appropriate for achieving them, and seeing them through to completion as a key member of our development team. Internet Strategists work by proactively exploring ideas for how to maximize the value of web sites and building transparency around complex ideas and concepts to be executed upon. They understand what clients are trying to achieve and work with them to ensure the success of projects.


  • Work closely with clients to develop and enhance online strategies by outlining goals, tactics for how we will achieve them, and the expected results.
  • Build site maps, wireframes and other user experience documents to expose ideas in a visual format.
  • Construct data import plans that illustrate where information is coming from and where it will end up in new systems.
  • Review design documents such as mock ups, offer feedback, and help guide the design process.
  • Identify opportunities offered by Drupal, CiviCRM and other technologies that will enhance the value of solutions being delivered.
  • Maintain a working understanding of key technologies used in our delivery process, as well as emerging trends in social media.

Required Skills and Background

  • 2+ years online experience, managing design, strategy and / or website development.
  • Demonstrated ability to create site maps, wireframes and other articulations of the user experience.
  • Strong working knowledge of content management and CRM systems, especially Drupal, CiviCRM and Salesforce.
  • Excellent communications and organizational skills.
  • The ability to stay motivated and honor deadlines in a fast paced environment without direct supervision.
  • Basic skills with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Why You Would Want to Work Here

Trellon offers competitive salaries along with health, savings, dental, and vision benefits for all full time employees. Beyond that, there culture here is a little different from other companies. There are a lot of reasons you might want to look at working with our team:

  • We build awesome Drupal sites. Trellon delivers robust solutions on tight timeframes, which often include advanced components that go far beyond out-of-the-box solutions. We are experts on thinking through challenges and developing thoughtful, sustainable solutions that are satisfying on so many levels.
  • You get to travel and attend Drupal events all over the world. Trellon sponsors events throughout North America, Europe and elsewhere and we bring the team along wherever we go.
  • You get to make the world a nicer place. 90% of our clients are non-profits, NGOs, associations, universities and other worthwhile organizations looking to do great things. The other 10% of our clients are doing something special with the Internet and using it for really cool, innovative purposes.
  • You get to learn something new. No one has ever taken a job with Trellon without learning a great deal about open source.
  • You get paid to contribute back to Drupal. Full time developers are paid to write patches, contribute modules, blog about cool topics, and generally act as a responsible open source people. There are other ways to contribute for non-technical people.

How to Apply

This is a full-time position that includes full medical, dental and savings benefits. Telecommuting is fine, but candidates based in and around the Washington DC metro area will be given special consideration.

Please send a copy of your resume, a cover letter stating your salary requirements, a list of links to sites you have worked on to Please also provide samples of any strategy or user experience documents you have created in the past for consideration.

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