Internet Operations/Sysadmin Intern

Jun 30

If being at the leading edge of technology and the web's future excites you, then you want to be an Intern at Acquia! As the landscape of the web is changing, so are the companies that are defining its future - Acquia is at the leading of edge of the new definition.

Working at Acquia gives you hands on experience with cutting edge technologies where you will be rubbing shoulders with the most talented engineers developing the next generation web. Coming to Acquia as an Operations Intern will nurture your ability to administer servers in a cloud environment and deepen your knowledge of monitoring tools. Acquia interns gain a deeper knowledge of how to utilize innovative tools to enhance the automation of their environment.

This isn't just some web developer role. Instead, you will have an opportunity to work with the underlying technologies - making them tick better and diagnosing problems when those technologies are not functioning as needed.

Educational and Job Requirements

  • New grad or pursuing a BS degree (Computer Science or Information Systems preferred)
  • Proficient in a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) based architecture

  • Understanding of web technologies (e.g., TCP/IP, SQL, XML)

  • Analytical and debugging skills

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