Drupal Distribution Developer

Jun 30


"Distributions are the future of Drupal." (Dries Buytaert.)

Acquia is moving quickly into the Drupal future by building solution-oriented distributions. Starting with Drupal Commons, we are breaking new ground in how Drupal is packaged, distributed, and deployed to build amazing online communities. We are seeking a strong Drupal engineer who thinks differently - not just about how to build a Drupal site, but instead about how to build a distribution that is a finished solution built for a specific purpose, yet still customizable, and upgradeable. A none-too-easy, but really interesting challenge!

To encourage Drupal’s growth, we want a strong developer who will:

  • Work directly with Acquia product managers and other team members to transform requirements into amazingly-great Drupal distributions that help Acquia achieve its goals
  • Consider the architecture of new features across Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and beyond, to leverage the platform
  • Collaborate with the Drupal community to both extend our distributions, such as Drupal Commons, but also create the methods and tools that will be needed to build and maintain distributions
  • Work on the application vs. platform nature of distributions, so that a single distribution can be deployed in different styles and configurations depending on the user requirements

Summary of requirements

  • 3+ years Drupal programming experience
  • 5+ years significant programming experience including architecture planning and functional and stress test development.
  • Works well with teams and with the Drupal community
  • Willing and able to to delve into Drupal back-end as well as front-end challenges (and learn on the fly the parts you don't know yet).
  • Able to think outside the normal Drupal approach to doing things to solve seemingly unsolvable problems in a high-leverage way
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Location note: This person should live in, or be willing to relocate to Boston.


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