Aug 11

Who we are Phase2 Technology is a leading provider of open source web software solutions, application development and consulting services. The company specializes in content management systems, content exchange, fundraising and CRM, online community development and custom web application development.

Phase2 practices the Agile Approach, a unique blend of open technology and agile methodologies to improve the delivery time and quality of software solutions. Phase2 is nationally recognized for expertise in the implementation of non-profit, media and publishing solutions using open source technologies including Java and the Drupal content management platform.

The job Phase2 Technology is seeking a fast-learning Web Developer with experience developing innovative web applications including websites, CMS, CRM, e-commerce, and performing custom web development. Candidates must be proficient in current and emerging web-based technologies to include, but not limited to; Java, PHP, XML, AJAX, etc. Candidates must have familiarity with SQL compliant database platforms, web servers, app servers, and operating systems including LAMP. Familiarity with content management systems ("CMS") including Drupal is important. Candidates must have at least 3 years of applicable experience. Familiarity and experience with open source applications is a plus.

What you could do for us:
Design and implement killer web applications, prototypes, user interfaces, and websites for clients
Configure, customize, and integrate open source software (OSS) for clients
Maintain and support existing systems and websites, and realize it is just as important and challenging as building new apps
Design and develop websites using content management systems (CMS) and contact relationship management (CRM)
Analyze a client's needs and develop the appropriate functionality, while not overbuilding
Translate specifications from analysts and graphic designers into working applications
Provide technical training and support to clients when necessary, and don't make fun of them if they don't understand what you do
Implement tasks in accordance with schedule and budget goals
Participate in project planning/estimation with project manager and team leads

You should work for us if:
You have lots of tools in your belt to get the job done and know what to use when
You embrace the pragmatic solution, even it if isn't glitzy
You take simplicity and elegance over technical complexity any day
You know what "Web 2.0" is and how to make it work (even if the phrase is over-hyped and overused)
You understand that getting to the best solution isn't always fast or easy
You believe in the power of collaborative teamwork and information sharing
You think that taking incremental steps is the productive path to the ultimate solution
You like working with smart and creative people
You like working with exciting clients that do really cool stuff, like helping the environment
You want to be part of a close-knit company that is growing in the right ways

Your qualifications need to be:
Must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field
Must possess at least 3+ years of web development experience
Must possess at least 2+ years of experience performing programming
Must have experience with HTML, CSS, XML and other basic syntax
Must have working experience with scripting and interface languages such as: JavaScript, PHP, etc.
Understanding of UI design principles of good usability, especially knowing when something is bad
Demonstrated creative excellence in solving layout and technical challenges
Familiarity with server side and browser scripting
Familiarity with a variety of SQL compliant database platforms, web servers, and environments
Knowledge and expertise with cross browser compatibility issues (CSS, JavaScript, DHTML)
Requires a working knowledge of the principles with content management systems (CMS)
Demonstrate a willingness, interest, and aptitude to learn new technologies and skills
Requires proven ability to work well independently as well as part of a team
Requires strong communication (verbal and written) skills with other team members and clients
Requires discipline to keep estimates, documentation, and timekeeping up to date
Requires the proven ability to manage time while working on a variety of tasks
Possess a willingness to transfer skills to other team members
Possess a willingness and attitude to help customers find workable solutions

It would also be cool if you:
Understood and had experience with iterative application development including Agile development methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP)
Had technical experience that included LAMP architecture
Knew other technologies like Java, .Net, AJAX, and Ruby
Had knowledge of web-based solutions including data driven websites/portals, Web Services, Content Management Systems (CMS), Contact Relationship Management (CRM), e-commerce (EC)
Had experience implementing, integrating, and contributing to Open Source Software (OSS) projects

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