What information about London do you want?

Jun 3

Hey guys,

We are looking into expanding the 'London' section of the site with more useful and reelvent information for Drupalcon Attendees.

I've come up with a few ideas from talking to people on IRC and skype.


  • Where to Stay in Croydon
  • Where to Stay in Greater London


  • Travel from popular airports and destinations
  • Parking around these areas esp. Free!
  • Last Trains
  • Travel around London
    • Oyster
    • Bus
    • Tube
    • Tram?


  • Decent timely events on during Drupalcon
  • Meeting Places
  • Nightlife
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Wi-Fi

I would love some suggestions and feedback.

Comments (2)

Mobile internet


One of the things i'm sure people will look for is mobile internet. For example i have an unlocked Motorola Xoom tablet with 3G and i'm looking for a cheap prepaid sim card with 3G internet to use it on the go. What choices do i have? Where can i buy it?


Companies like Orange and

Companies like Orange and Three mobile sell pre-paid sim cards and you can buy 1 gig which will last a month, or you can buy it by the day.

Once you buy the dongle or the sim, you an re-charge it online or you can buy credit at shops and enter the code online.

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