Hotel rates and VAT

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Hotel rates include VAT

Yes the prices quoted do include VAT.

For those not used to VAT (Value Added Tax - the UK version of sales tax):

For sales to a consumers, VAT must be included in the price advertised and charged.

For sales to a business, VAT does not have to be included in advertised price, and it's exceptionally unusual that it is included. The price charged to businesses almost always include VAT, but it's often reclaimable from the tax authorities.

If you are visiting the UK from another country you may be able to reclaim the VAT you pay on goods and services, including accommodation.

See for an index of info.
See for non-EU businesses wanting to reclaim VAT on their UK purchases.
See for EU visitors wishing to reclaim VAT.

If you are an individual, and buy goods in the UK, in some circumstances you can reclaim the VAT. See You will normally need to return the forms you have as a result at the airport, and should leave plenty of time: there are very often queues to negotiate in order to claim. It's not unusual to queue for 1/2 hour.

Be aware that if you import goods into your country, you may be liable for VAT/Sales Tax and Duty, at whatever rates your country sets.

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