11:15 - 11:45 Document-Oriented Storage

Centennial Suite

Drupal 6 was strongly tied to MySQL and its table format. Drupal 7 introduced the concept of Entities and Fields. Now comes Drupal 8, and it needs a new Copernican Revolution: switching to storing and managing generic semi-structured "documents".

We need to review the state of the art in this domain and discuss implementation options. The objective is to solve some of our current pain points:

  • A single API can store both content and configuration (because they are the same)
  • The API can have built-in synchronization options to easily push both content and configuration between environments
  • The API can improve our scalability by materializing some of our queries (... and removing the need for the two manual denormalizations we have in Drupal 7 core: tracker and taxonomy)
Proposed solution: 

We will discuss the idea of implementing a Document-oriented API in Drupal 8. The potential features of the API could be:

  • Stores document as-is, without transformation
  • Can perform queries deep inside the documents (à la MongoDB), including across relationships; and can also materialize them (ie. save the result set and maintain it across time)
  • Revisions everything and addresses content by their revision IDs (à la Git)
  • Supports mixed storage, allowing querying across several storages (including local filesystem storage, database storage, remote storage, etc.)
  • Can leverage both standard SQL (via DBTNG) and proper document-oriented database engines (MongoDB, CouchDB, ...)

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