10:45 - 11:15 Automated UI Testing with Selenium

Centennial Suite

Simpletest doesn't allow us to test Javascripts, upload files.

Proposed solution: 

One of the greatest thing we have in drupal 7 is unit testing. But still we have some limitation about things that we can test. In simpletest we have custom browser that can open pages, submit forms and other nice things. What we really miss is automated testing of the javascripts.

That is what Selenium framework can help us with. Selenium 2 (aka Webdriver) communicates with browser and can emulate user behavior completely. We can open pages, click on elements, execute javascripts, open popups.. even upload files.

This is really great next step in our testing system that can cover drupal javascripts.

In this session I will go into details about how we can test drupal with Selenium and what is done in direction of integrating Selenium testing to simpletest framework that we alreay have. Yes, we alreay can run Selenium tests in simpletest sandbox with Firefox!

We will take a look for some examples in order to have some practical knowledge of writing tests.

Lets move our testing coverage forward!

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