Speaker Resource Kit

This page includes information for those who are speaking at DrupalCon London and resources designed to help you promote your session at the event. We'll be updating this page frequently as new information comes available so check back often for the latest information. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. The Speaker FAQ also contains valuable information about presenting at DrupalCon London.


Speaker Agreements

All speakers are required to sign an agreement giving DrupalCon Inc. the right to release the video of the presentation under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The agreements can be found here.


Presentation Templates and Projector Set-Up

Presentation templates are available in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats. While you aren't required to use these templates for your entire presentation, we do ask that you at least use them at the beginning and end of your presentation to encourage session evaluation and assist those who will be responsible for creating the videos:

All projectors will be set up to run at 1024x768 resolution, with a VGA input for video and an audio mini-jack for computer audio if needed. Rooms will have both a hard wire Internet drop at the podium and wifi as well. Speakers are responsible for providing their own laptops for their presentations and adapters, if necessary.


Presentation Preparations

  • Key points outline for your session needs to be uploaded by July 1
  • Any changes to your session description need to be made by July 14
  • We'll need your preliminary presentation deck by July 20
  • We'll need your final presentation deck by August 12

You can upload the outline and draft to your session node.

Some resources that can help you build your presentation:



Rooms will have LAV microphones. A four-seat table with microphones is available for panel presentations. All rooms will have a microphone on a stand in the center of the room for audience questions. When the presentation is recorded, the presentation video and audio along with the microphone audio will be recorded.


Green Room

All speakers should check into the Green Room no less than a half hour before their session. This room is a quiet place away from the rest of DrupalCon to prepare. With people and distractions everywhere our hope is for it to provide a time and place for you to focus on getting ready to speak. This room is for speakers only and will have refreshments.


Fill Out Your Bio!

Make sure that your user profile page on drupal.org is updated with your current biographical information, as this will be used to display information about you that appears on the DrupalCon website and other locations. You can update this information by logging into your account on drupal.org, going to http://drupal.org/user/, clicking the "Edit" tab, then "Personal Information", entering your name in the "Bio" field at the bottom of the page, and hitting "Save".


Tell Others About Your Session With a DrupalCon London Badge

You can let others know that you're speaking at DrupalCon London by putting an official badge on your website.


Talking About DrupalCon London

We encourage you to tell others about your session at DrupalCon London! Here is some copy that you can use as a starting point for your own blog posts, articles, or press releases (if you haven't done so already):

I'm happy to announce that I'll be [presenting|co-presenting|participating in] the session, "[Session title]" at DrupalCon London!

[Description of session]

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DrupalCon is an international event that brings together the people who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform. DrupalCon London will be held August 22-26, 2011, and will feature dozens of curated sessions and panels from some of the most influential people and brightest minds within the Drupal community and beyond, as well as countless opportunities for networking, sprints, informal conversations, and more. Go to http://london2011.drupal.org to find out more and purchase your ticket today!

Please note that the "C" in DrupalCon should always be capitalized.

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