Survive and Thrive: Drupal(Con) How To

Start DrupalCon off right with jam and Robert, two Drupal(Con) veterans who will get you fired up while passing on helpful tips about getting the most from your experience. This session is an entertaining and informative way to get your Drupal(Con) bearings (and grab a great seat for the keynote that follows). We welcome Drupal(Con) veterans and n00bs to join us, and begin the conference with a huge dose of Drupal Kool-Aid.

Intended audience

Everyone here, first, second or 8th DrupalCon. Coders, developers, designers, decision makers, themers, PMs, marketers, and everyone else.

Questions answered by this session

I am at a tech conference, why do I keep hearing about a "community"?

Value and values: How can I pay the rent AND change the world?

How do I get the most out of Drupal(Con)?

Where do I ... ? How can I ... ? Who ... ?

Why should I be excited (again) about being here?

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