The Prairie Initiative - Redesigning the Social Spaces of

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Since the Prairie Initiative was kicked off at the Chicago Drupalcon earlier this year, a small but active group have been working on achieving our goals of:

  1. Improving the collaboration tools on so that we can do more and better work together and make Drupal better, faster.
  2. Growing the pool of contributors by making a better and easier place to become a contributor - to make it less intimidating to people who want to get started contributing.

This involves looking at ways we can redesign the issue queue, create places for people with shared interests to come together, find ways to improve notification, and find better ways for people to get started making contributions to Drupal as contributors of code, design, documentation and all the other skills Drupal needs today and will in the future.

In this session we'll take a look at some how we're approaching this project, some of the principles we're applying, and some of the progress on the project so far as well as - of course - ways you can get involved.

Intended audience

Anyone who contributes to Drupal today or who is interested in contributing in the future.

Questions answered by this session

What is the Prairie Initiative and what are you trying to achieve?

What are you working on?

What parts of are you touching?

What is Social Architecture?

How can I get involved?

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That was a great session! I

That was a great session! I am fully inspired. I will fill out the feedback forms now :)

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