OG7 - This Time It's On!

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OG7 - the one that should have been in Drupalcon Chicago, but this time, I'll even be there!

Learn about all the new stuff OG7 has.

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Questions answered by this session

How OG uses fields and Entity API

How OG leverages Panels

What is OG's group-membership concept

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fashion show video

fashion show video http://vimeo.com/28150518

Yet antoher super

Yet antoher super presentation. A mix of real valueable tips and fundamentals, humorous, joyful, and of course a bit heart breaking to. It's perhaps even better as a screencast with solid sound. The live sound in the concert hall was downright bad IMO. Thanks for taking us all the way to the 24:th floor.


Oh good, no terminators or goblins then. I'll be there. : )

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