Managing Localized & Multi-site Environments

Drupal's multi-site and multi-lingual features make it possible to host a large number of sites, in many different languages on the same drupal installation. Making the most of this power presents technical, methodological and business challenges. Our experienced panel of gold Drupalcon sponsors will share their insights into what it takes to effectively implement these capabilities, share some of their best practice tips and discuss the challenges facing the international Drupal community.

Intended audience

Developers, managers and commissioners looking to understand the challenges involved in harnessing Drupal's power as an internationalised platform.

Questions answered by this session

What super powers do Drupal's multi-site and multi-lingual capabilites offer us?

What are the limitations of these features?

How important are best practices when building and maintaining this kind of site?

Where is Drupal going from here ?

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Strange to put two

Strange to put two multilingual sessions at the same time

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