Making Your Theme Scale With Your Brand

Brands grow organically and often undergo complete re-design. How do you prepare for change and build a scalable brand? Our session will show how, when you theme effectively, Drupal has the power to grow with a brand and make design changes simple.

We will talk about:

  • Tools and processes for envisioning the brand and the theme
  • Creating smart markup
  • Thinking in systems rather than ‘pages’, and building sustainable software
  • How the right tools can help you (CSS libraries, base themes, helper modules)
  • Finding balance between theoretical purity and practical solutions
  • Collaborating with themers, module developers and designers
  • Documenting the process and sharing assets

Intended audience

Experienced themers, module developers, designers, project managers.

Questions answered by this session

How to get more control over templates, and for instance, prevent tons of overrides when you have many views that require custom markup

How to make CSS systems (Or: why Drupal’s HTML is actually awesome)

How do I ‘design for Drupal’?

How can I use Drupal to manage brand assets?

How do I as a project manager, get the most out of my team?

Comments (3)

Problem with Sound

I believe there is an issue with the sound in the video, or at least I'm not hearing anything on my end (not an issue with speakers, etc).

Good topic. Is it about

Good topic. Is it about Drupal 6 or 7? Is this a general best practices talk or is there a case study as well? Thanks!

– Roy, your friendly co-chair for the Design & UX track

Hi Roy, Both 6 and 7,

Hi Roy,

Both 6 and 7, although most subjects aren't connected to a specific Drupal version. We will highlight some differences; things that become a little easier with Drupal 7.

It will be primarily a general best practices talk, but with examples based on things that we've learned while working on our own projects. So a few small case studies that we might spice up a bit.

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