Drupal as Base System For Your iPhone Android iPad Apps

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Well no need to explain why mobile apps are important! At present you can't really ignore the iOS and Android platforms. Both these technologies have great potential to use our existing web based tools such as Drupal. You can totally use Drupal to manage your iPhone/Android native apps data in cloud.

A sequel to DrupalCon Chicago's and DrupalCon CPH's "Developing Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using Drupal as Base System" session (more advanced!! more fun!!)

What will be covered

  • An introduction to Titanium Framework to develop iPhone/Android apps using Titanium API, web technologies like javascript etc
  • Introduction to ServicesAPI and web standards [json,xmlrpc]
  • How to manage your application's data (content, tables, views, users, menus, taxonomy etc) using Drupal.
  • We will build a live app ... introduce you to some code here (ServicesAPI, YQL, jQuery and Titanium API)
  • Photo gallery apps, Video uploading, Geo apps, user data apps, creating nodes on the go!
  • Demo of some apps we built for Android and iPhone platforms
  • Questions!

This session is about building native iPhone/iPad/Android applications using opensource web based technologies (http://www.appcelerator.com) with Drupal as base system to manage content, users, views, permissions etc.

Some iPhone/Drupal stuff I wrote in past: http://civicactions.com/blog/sumit

Intended audience

Beginner, iPhone iPad Android app developers, Coders, Curious

Questions answered by this session

Why to use Drupal (in cloud) as base system for your mobile app?

How to use Drupal as base system to manage your mobile application's data (photos, videos, content, users, geo data, taxonomies etc etc)?

How to quickly develop mobile app platforms using Drupal?

How to be an iPhone rockstar without knowing Objective C?

What it means "Titanium with RedHat Openshift and Drupal"??

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