Creating and Measuring the User Experience

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This session will cover:

  • Methods to flush out requirements and uncover both good and bad ideas
  • Tools and methods to accelerate user interface design
  • Tools and methods to test designs for accuracy and measure for continued improvement

All of the above will provide you with tools and processies to ensure that you are both building to meet your customers needs by making informed design decisions, and getting better over time.

Flushing out requirements
Well look at several ways to get multiple stakeholders engaged and on the same page. We'll learn to quickly identify both good and bad ideas

Accelerating interface Design
Well look at tools, proceesies, and the roles needed to create both wireframes and visual designs in an expedited way

Testing for accuracy and measuring the user experience
Well review many tools and processes used to test for effectiveness, and demonstrate methodologies that will ensure that each new feature or enhancement improves the experience.

In conclusion, I'll show some examples of how such tools and processes had a positive impact on business.

This session applies to people working in waterfall or agile methodologies, and applies to both website and web application design. It applies to business or product owners that are looking to increase traffic and adoption.

Last, the session will use Drupal and Drupal Gardens as the basis of this discussion.

Intended audience

Designers looking to learn to accelerate their artform Developers looking to include design, or some of it's user centered practices into their artform Business or product owners looking to build products that map to user needs and improve over time

Questions answered by this session

How can I make sure that my work improves the product I'm working on?

How can I weed out bad ideas and focus on good ones? What processes can I put into place to validate my thinking?

What tools can help me during the lifecycle of concept to creation?

How can I accelerate my design practice while including feedback from my peers and users?

How is Acquia applying this to Drupal. What are we doing to ensure our contributions are good ones?

Comments (3)

I know I work with this Jeff,

I know I work with this Jeff, but I would love to see what went into the Views UI re-design and learn how we can communicate better with developers to bring this change to other awesome projects!

PLEASE select this session! ;)

If I could only go to one

If I could only go to one session this one would be very high on my list... no, it would be this one. Yes, 100%. Can we make it 2 hours ;)

Excellent. Looks like a lot

Excellent. Looks like a lot of ground to cover for a topic that you want to get full-circle on to get the point across. I think the first (reqs.) and last (measuring) topics would be most valuable to flesh out? Thanks.

– Roy, your friendly co-chair for the Design & UX track

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