Content Staging and Deployments in Drupal 7

Content staging and deployment strategies are something that many site builders are fighting with. Publishers wants to preview and optimize content or whole sections of a site, before publishing it live. Another scenario is where publishers wants to deploy content from one site to a network of sub sites, or similar. It's a complex problem to solve.

In this session you will learn how the Deploy module for Drupal 7 solves these problems and how you set it up to meet your requirements. We will also look quickly into what's going to change for content staging and deployments, with the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8.

  • Do you want to push content from one site to many other sites over a REST API, or with a PubSubHubBub feed?
  • Do you want Views to filter your deployment plan or manually flag pieces of content that you want to deploy?
  • Do you want to schedule deployments, do them manually or script them with Drush?

The Deploy framework will provide plugins that you can combine to create very simple, or very complex deployment plans.

About the presenters

dixon_ is a developer at NodeOne and maintainer of the Deploy module. Also, he is the main architect behind NodeStream, a Drupal distribution for publishers.

katbailey is a lead developer at Affinity Bridge and co-maintainer of the Deploy module. Also, she is well known for her Quick Tabs module.

Intended audience

Site builders and configurators. Basic Drupal knowledge will help.

Questions answered by this session

How do I preview pieces of content or whole sections of my site, before publishing it live?

How do I set up an environment that supports content staging?

How do I configure the Deploy module for Drupal 7?

How will the Configuration Management Initiative help content staging and deployments in the future?

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What happened to the video?

What happened to the video?

Why is this session not

Why is this session not available as a video?

D6 to D7 Deployment Inter-op?

exciting topic, important area, combined with Aegir site networks, Deploy is the future

question; will it be possible to send Deploy plans from D6 to D7 sites? from D7 back to D6 ?

is this an project ?

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