Chorion: Migrating and Consolidating Localised Branded Web Sites With Drupal

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Chorion is the owner of a number of major brands which it develops globally through the production of family entertainment. Historically Chorion has developed rich flash-based web sites for each of its brands, sometimes for multiple territories.

In 2010 Chorion recognized a number of issues with this approach including:

  • Inability to quickly update sites and dependence upon flash development resources and organisations
  • Inability to interact with social media networks
  • Relatively high cost
  • Inability to localize content easily

David Redshaw, interim CIO at Chorion, will present how they dealt with those issues using Drupal tackling the complexities of internationalisation, multi-brand sites, security models and load testing as well as how they dealt with the organisational issues and also achieved cost savings.

Intended audience

Business and technology managers concerned with the practical mechanics and commercial & organisational considerations in migrating multiple web sites to a single Drupal platform

Questions answered by this session

Where to start and how to plan the project

Who to involve and how people will be impacted by the change

Will you save money

How to deal with varying requirements across the migrated sites

How to deal with localisation requirements

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