The Prairie Initiative - Redesigning the Social Spaces of

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Since the Prairie Initiative was kicked off at the Chicago Drupalcon earlier this year, a small but active group have been working on achieving our goals of:

  1. Improving the collaboration tools on so that we can do more and better work together and make Drupal better, faster.
  2. Growing the pool of contributors by making a better and easier place to become a contributor - to make it less intimidating to people who want to get started contributing.

Intended audience

Anyone who contributes to Drupal today or who is interested in contributing in the future.

Questions answered by this session

What is the Prairie Initiative and what are you trying to achieve?

What are you working on?

What parts of are you touching?

What is Social Architecture?

How can I get involved?

So What's this "Drew-paul" Thing You Do? (Explaining Drupal to Others)

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You're introduced to someone by a friend. The smalltalk begins and you know what's coming.

They ask, "What do you do?" The friend who introduced you tries to understand your explanation yet again.

You say, "Um, I do Drupal." They stare back blankly as you continue.

"'s a content management system - you know, a CMS?"

You shudder as you try again, "'s kinda like WordPress?" Still nothing.

Eventually you give in and explain it in a way that even your grandmother could understand: "I build websites."

Intended audience

This session walks through some 'Drupal best practices' to explain your role to people who are unfamiliar with Drupal. We'll also cover techniques for combating know-it-all's and Drupal-haters, as well as ways to explain Drupal to your friends and colleagues.

Questions answered by this session

What is Drupal and what is the history behind it?

How do I explain Drupal to someone who isn't familair with it?

How do I convince my boss or coworkers that Drupal is the way to go?

How can I market myself as someone looking for a freelance or full time job in Drupal?

How does "Certified to Rock" work and how do I increase my score?

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