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The Path to a Mobile Drupal: Techniques, Tools and Failure

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Recently, I received an email invite for a webinar on mobile device development. I tried to sign up via my iphone, but was told that my mobile device wasn’t supported. True story.

Intended audience

Front-end developers, designers, site builders and even decision makers will find this session essential in understanding the Drupal mobile landscape.

Questions answered by this session

What does “mobile context” mean?

What are the performance implications of mobile devices?

Which mobile technique is better?

What Drupal modules will help you build websites for mobile?

How does Drupal’s low cost of failure help all of us?

Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future with HTML5, CSS3 and Omega

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As designers/themers we've always been pressed with dealing with screen sizes. I remember the days when we had to worry how many of our site visitors used a 800x600 screen resolution and when we could stop accommodating those users, much like we have with IE6 users today.

Intended audience

This session, while labeled intermediate will be suitable for Beginner to Advanced Drupal themers/designers to gain knowledge on responsive/adaptive HTML5 designs and layouts targeted for multiple devices in a growing mobile market.

Questions answered by this session

What is Responsive design?

How can I build for mobile devices easily?

How can I use a single site/theme/framework for ALL devices?

How can I extend Omega with my own grid sizes/columns?

How can I conditionally use alternate layouts in the same theme?

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